Samurai Bushido Channel in Japan

This blog is about martial arts in Japan and Bruce Lee.


Ashihara Baton was called A-baton all over the world

A-baton Ashihara Hideyuki has made his special weapon by himself. First he called it Ashihara Baton, now it was known as A-baton in Japan. Hand guard (left) A-baton prototype(right) Ashihara was teaching A-baton at a police branch. Ashihar…

Samurai Bushido Channel in Japan Introduction

by Joya Kagemaru(JK ※写真の著作権は筆者にあります。(JKプロの許可を得て掲載しています) このブログについて このブログは、日本の武道、武術さらには格闘技全般の情報を発信していくブログです 日本に伝わるいろいろな武道の紹介と…